Why velcro rollers are the key to the best blowout of your life

Noni Regiato from Vogue had a chat to Barney about the merits of the humble velcro roller

If you’re desperate to know how exactly you too can emulate a Baywatch-era Pamela Anderson mane with a few $15 velcro hair rollers, sure, you could turn to TikTok, but wouldn’t you rather take your cues from the sage advice of a celebrity hairstylist? To give you the ultimate velcro roller how-to, we’ve tapped Sydney stylist Barney Martin for his hot tips on how to use velcro rollers for the best blow out of your life.

Prep properly

When using rollers, a little preparation goes a long way. You can use rollers on dry or damp hair, depending on how much time you have to work with, but incorporating a few products into your rolling regime will help guarantee maximum hold, glossiness and longevity for your ‘do. “Thermal styling spray or a spritz of hairspray works best for exaggerated volume,” Martin advises. “If you want the most amount of volume and movement, apply some mousse to damp hair and wind the rollers into place. You can either dry with a hairdryer or allow the hair to dry naturally, but you’ll need a good hour at least!” Once the hair is completely dry and you’re ready to remove the rollers, give the entire head a spray of lightweight, non-sticky hairspray for some extra volume insurance.

Little by little

Although it can be tempting to take larger sections of hair to speed up the rolling process, you’re likely to be disappointed with the end result. “Always make sure you never take sections of hair any wider than the velcro roller, otherwise you’ll lose the root lift,” Martin advises. Sectioning up your hair before you begin will make it easier to ensure you’re taking the same amount of hair for each roller, while helping the rollers hold the hair better. As Martin says, “Velcro provides excellent grip to the sections of hair when rollers aren’t overloaded.”

Nonetheless, those beautiful cylindrical devices had yielded the very results I had hoped for—a voluminous, 90s supermodel-esque blow out that had me exclaiming “the higher the hair, the closer to heaven” for the rest of the evening.

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