Autumn Winter 2024 trends

To usher in the seasonal and wardrobe updates, a hair refresh is always welcome! Herewith, our teams top picks for A/W 2024.

Sydney is in the grips of an endless summer. All of our clients are getting excited about layering and experimenting with clothes that aren't just beach appropriate!

To usher in the seasonal and wardrobe updates, a hair refresh is always welcome. Herewith, our teams top picks for A/W 2024.

Anti trend hair  - healthy, done but not 'too' done hair is always on trend. There is a reason that the French je ne sais quoi is such a sought after look. Jane Birken, Brigette Bardot, the french girl bob... The one thing they all have in common is that they look as if they haven't tried too hard. Provided you have a great cut you should never have to try hard to style your hair. Less is more!

Kitty and butterfly cuts - a modernised version of Farah Fawcetts iconic 70's blow out. Kitty cut is shorter and the butterfly cut is the classic outgrown curtain bangs dried to flick out and give maximum movement and body. Cutting layers and using the right product when air drying or heat styling to give max volume and movement

Uptown colour - glossy and expensive looking. Even if hair is not styled the colour is a statement in itself. We have revolutionary steam treatments that are akin to a facial for the hair. Ensuring colour treated hair is always kept in the best condition lengthens the longevity of the service, and ensures the hair looks and feels amazing.

Choulder length - in the era of bob domination the flattering length that highlights bone structure and ear bling. In between chin and shoulder length. Requires a salon visit every

Dramatic side parts - the easiest and most non committal way to update your look. Flip you hair over whilst working product through the underside at the part for some volume. Also a great way to highlight blingy ear jewelry and can be slicked back on the opposite side to the part for a more glamorous take on the trend

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