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Penny talks about the merits of the gloss & smudge technique to Marie Claire

Gloss and Smudge Technique? Team BM gave the gorgeous girls at Marie Claire the low down on what the terms of this technique mean...

"We know, we know: you’ve had enough of nonsensical hair terms. First balayage, then ombre, sombre, bronde, blorange, hair contouring – we get it.

But gloss smudging isn’t just more hair jargon – in fact, if you’d rather prolong time between appointments and save some hard-earned dollars (*frantically raises hands*), it’s a technique you need to know about.

Think of it as a way to extend the life of your highlights, while also radically improving their look. “Gloss smudging is great for refreshing existing colour and a brilliant introduction to colour as well, as it’s subtle with no obvious regrowth – it fades out as opposed to growing out,” acclaimed Sydney salon Barney Martin .

Added bonus: as the name suggests, it also imparts a gorgeous high-shine finish."

We suggest this service to clients that are a little nervous about using colour, yes, there is such a thing as first timers! Or those that need to extend their time in between full colour visits or have a special event on.

"We either apply the mixture to virgin hair dry and or once you have had your regular colour service and are back at the basin the coloured gloss is smudged at the roots using a brush for a beautifully blended result. We use the word ‘smudge’ as there is no visible colour difference,” So if you hate having obvious highlights, this is the technique you need.

Gloss smudging works on all hair colours and textures, “but for the most impactful result, darker base tones work best so you get that beautiful high shine.”

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