Blonde Ambition

Need some blonde inspiration? We've got you covered, read on for some inspo

This is some blonde inspiration from our previous Colour Director Shari Reynolds to Harpers magazine before she headed back to the UK. Her wise words still ring true! Now in the northern hemisphere she is based at the iconic George Northwood W1 salon. Read on for your perfect blonde inspiration!

The Face Framer

"This is the piece of hair that frames the face from the parting and hairlines," Shari Reynolds, Colour Director at Barney Martin Hair, explains. "It's the money piece!" If you're wary of up-keep, this is the easy way to lift your overall colour without having dramatic roots a week later.

Ice Blonde

"Ice blonde also has a place, with the emergence of this forever shade being tinged with a touch of pale pink or lavender to keep it super up-to-date," Reynolds says. "Again, with as much shine as possible to keep the tones illuminated and flattering. Flat pale grey is NOT the order of the day and looks dated right now." Blondes are inspired.

Wheat Blonde

"Cool and grunge-y blondes are taking a back seat this season as warmer and more glamorous tones switch gears and dominate," Reynolds says. "We will see wheat blonde, which is the pale neutral shade on the cooler side as a seasonal colour, in highlights, balayage and full head colour."

Visible Roots

Reynolds takes it a step further and highlights a new trend, popular in LA, called "chandeliering". "Chandeliering sees all of the ends of the hair coloured, whilst the roots are backcombed. It's very full on and would appeal to those that like the ombré affect."

The Scandi Hairline

Because who doesn't want to look a little Swedish? Reynolds explains: "It's a super soft full base with a frame of the front hairline, to lift the complexion and create soft grow out with the highlights."

Honey Blonde

"The overall big message for on-trend blonde for the coming season is most certainly honey blonde," Reynolds advises. "This trend is very adaptable as it ranges from warm, rich, saturated golden tones, to more neutral honey beige tones. The beauty of honey tones is that they allow a premium shine to illuminate the hair as well as being compatible with most complexions and eye colours."



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