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  • 2022_springhairtrend_barneymartin_vogue
  • 2022_springhairtrend_barneymartin_vogue

The 5 biggest hair trends for spring/summer 2022, according to an expert

Posted on 14/01/2022

Barney had a chat to the amazing Gladys @ Vogue for this article

Layered bobs

Our love affair with the short cut has ranged from Francophilic bobs to tousled lobs—looks for which celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone and Alexa Chung have provided endless inspiration. This season, the bob in all its variations will dominate. According to Martin, demand for bobs of all kinds has surged, with one key development. “The update to previous shapes will be the introduction of more layered ends and a looser structure,” he says, “which is moving away from the more blunt cut ends that we have been used to. I love these as I’m a huge razor cut fan and this is the perfect tool for this cut.”

’90s supermodel blowout

The statement-making, ’90s-inspired supermodel blowout, à la Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford, is making a voluminous comeback. “Bigger is better,” Martin tells Vogue of the trend, which he sees gaining popularity in the wake of easing restrictions and the desire for a polished, party-appropriate re-emergence. “This trend taps into the post-lockdown excitement and glamour—of not being at home in leisurewear, for example—that everyone is experiencing.”

The new shag

The retro shag gets a modern makeover this season according to Martin, who sees the new cut embracing both a ’70s and ’90s sensibility. Natural wave and dynamic movement are key themes this spring and summer—with this in mind, Martin says, the super wearable shag is here to say. “It works with most hair textures and face shapes, and can be varied in length,” Martin says of the shag’s versatility, beloved by celebrities including Billie Eilish, Miley Cyrus and Zendaya. “Grown out bangs or a curtain fringe will lend a ’70s vibe, or you can pair the cut with a shorter fringe for a more ’90’s take.”

High shine

This season, we’re moving away from the tousled, undone textures of Parisian provenance, and welcoming head-to-toe polish. There’s no shame in looking purposefully put-together, and Martin prophesies that luxurious, glossy hair “with a mirror-like shine” will reign supreme. “Most of my clients have had the chance to move away from heat styling tools during lockdown,” Martin confides, “so hair is in optimum condition. We are seamlessly blending blondes for a super natural yet super polished finish.” As for those with darker hair? Martin recommends colouring for depth, and high shine.

Pinks and purples

Graphic, blocky colour of Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish-origin was inescapable last season, with money pieces and neons trending well into 2021 from the previous year. In 2022, our obsession with living colour continues, and Martin tells us that his clients have been asking for certain shades in particular. “So many clients are asking for a pop of pink or purple,” he says. “Because we’re dealing with significant regrowth, people have the opportunity to try something that they maybe would not have considered otherwise.” Full, rich colour is the order of the season—try your hand at a dip-dye in a petal-pink or plum.