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10 Hair Products that will change your life

We all need SOMETHING and presented to you right now are 10 hair products that WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Thanks to the mega babes at Marie Claire for taking time out to chat to Barney about the best tools in the business. 1; Hairspray 2; Leave in treatment 3; Sea Salt Spray 4; Curling Wand 5; Brush… Read More>

Posted on 13/09/2017 + SHARE
blow out, hair, salon, barney martin, blowdry

Blow outs that last for days!

Wondered how you can increase the life of your blow out? Barney and the Elle crew caught up with the tips and tricks of the trade. The right products are essential! We Love R+Co’s Chiffon mousse available here we are also advocates of silk pillowcases. Not only much kinder to skin (not to mention the Hollywood… Read More>

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marie claire instyle gloss smudge hair

Gloss Smudging Technique

Gloss and Smudge Technique? Senior Colourist Penny gave the gorgeous girls at Marie Claire the low down on what the terms of this technique mean… “We know, we know: you’ve had enough of nonsensical hair terms. First balayage, then ombre, sombre, bronde, blorange, hair contouring – we get it. But gloss smudging isn’t just more… Read More>

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You can now buy R+Co and Oribe products online

We are SO EXCITED that you can now email your product orders through to us! Email your product enquiries to and we will take care of it for you. We love R+Co and Oribe products, they make our days jobs more enjoyable and will make your home hair care more enjoyable too. Pinky promise. Flat rate $15… Read More>

Posted on 8/04/2017 + SHARE
Buro 24/7, Barney Martin Hair., fashion, hair, style

How to Wash your Hair. The RIGHT way!

Those wise (and gorgeous!) girls at Buro 24/7 had a chat to Barney about washing hair. Read on for how to perfect your washing technique… Warning, the massage bit needs a pro! “You know that feeling when you walk out of a salon and have the most insanely silky and smooth locks imaginable – well… Read More>

Posted on 30/03/2017 + SHARE