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How to Wash your Hair. The RIGHT way!

Posted on 30/03/2017

Those wise (and gorgeous!) girls at Buro 24/7 had a chat to Barney about washing hair. Read on for how to perfect your washing technique… Warning, the massage bit needs a pro!

“You know that feeling when you walk out of a salon and have the most insanely silky and smooth locks imaginable – well there’s a reason behind this. Yes, they’re pro’s and they’re darn good at what they do, but they also know how to wash your hair – and it’s time we all take note. So we sat down with celebrity hairstylist Barney Martin to find out exactly what to know when it comes to our washing game. Here’s what we learnt:

Invest in good quality hair products:
You’ve spent all the money at the hairdressers, now it’s time to look after your ‘do.  “Think of how much money you invest in skin care. You should do the same for your hair!”

Focus on the scalp – not the strands:
Instead of slabbing on shampoo to your strands and giving it a quick rinse; turn your focus towards the scalp. Barney explains: “Rotate your fingertips in a circular pattern over scalp, this exfoliates the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth.”


Full article is right here! Buro 24/7 How to Wash Your Hair. The right way