• quarantine in style, hair salon, covid19, corona, fashion
  • quarantine in style, hair salon, covid19, corona, fashion
  • quarantine in style, hair salon, covid19, corona, fashion
  • quarantine in style, hair salon, covid19, corona, fashion

How to Quarantine in Style

Posted on 21/03/2020

Step 1; Visit BM Hair

Step 2; Get hair done in luxurious and more than adequately socially distanced surrounds by exceptionally talented staff, hospital grade sanitisation has been implemented

Step 3; FaceTime friends and family with fabulous new hair

Health experts all agree a positive mental attitude is critical to prevent depression. Feeling good about yourself is an important step in the right direction…

Love BM Hair X

Below is the newsletter we sent yesterday.

The drinks are on Me

We are sure your inbox is chockablock full of similar emails and we all acknowledge that this is a crazy time to be going through right now.

We would like to give you some peace of mind and ensure you that appointments will continue to be enjoyable and relaxing and that our wine fridge is full. Let’s face it, we all need some reprieve from the current major news story.

Barney Martin Hair is still open for business and we are keeping our online bookings open unless things change and we are forced to close. If this does happen, all appointments will be automatically cancelled and we will waive all cancellation fees.

The cleanliness and hygiene standards we uphold in our salon have never wavered. Keeping our clients and staff safe and healthy has and always will be our number one priority. At this time, you can rest assured that we have stepped them up another notch.

On top of our existing high hygiene and standard cleaning practises, we wanted to let you know the additional measures we have in place. These include:

  1. Maintaining a 1 meter space between clients 
  2. Implementing an empty space in between clients at the basin areas
  3. As of Monday we will be incorporating greater social distancing (maximum bodies allowed upstairs and downstairs) as directed by the health authorities
  4. Allocation of more time between all clients to sanitise areas
  5. Hand sanitisers are available in salon
  6. All surfaces including door handles and hand rails are being wiped throughout the day with medical-grade sanitiser
  7. Being a hair salon hands are washed frequently and now it’s more frequent than ever
  8. Any person who has just got back from O/S or has had contact with any one who is suspected to be infected, OR if you feel in the slightest unwell, please postpone your salon visit until you are 100% all clear 
  9. If you need further information on COVID-19, you can follow the Govt. Health alert, WHO FAQs, or contact the 24/7 National Health Information Line – 1800 020 080

We are really enjoying spending quality time with our clients and it’s great to be able to accommodate you at different times due to the change in working from home policies for lots of you.

The bubbles and bad jokes are still on tap at Barney’s! 

If you would like an appointment or just want a break from the madness please call the salon 92120204 or email hello@barneymartin.com.au

Love Barney and the Team X