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  • glacage, balayage, barney martin, marie claire
  • glacage, balayage, barney martin, marie claire

Glaçage Is The New Balayage And The Results Are Breathtaking

Posted on 26/10/2017

HELLO glacage and hello to the Marie Claire crew and their lustrous locks – they tried our new glacage treatment and LOVED IT!

Bored with your balayage? Or maybe your hair colour is looking a little lacklustre and you’re in need of a subtle refresh. Before you book in for the usual, allow us to introduce glaçage (pronounced ‘glossage’), the low-maintenance, high-impact treatment that brightens up existing colour, makes your natural highlights pop, and gives your hair the kind of shine that’s usually found only in Pantene ads (you know what I mean: I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-photoshopped gloss).

After months of blow-drying sans heat spray (I know, the worst), my once-lustrous locks were looking a little on the sad side: dull and dried out. I don’t colour my hair, but have natural coppery highlights that come out in the sun that I’ve always been keen to accentuate. All of which make me a prime glaçage candidate.

“The glaçage treatment offers a protein, strengthening hit and editorial high shine,” the hair gurus at Barney Martin, Sydney, tell me. Because it’s painted on and then activated by heat, it subtly colours without the need for harsh chemicals, and the result is subtle and sheer – think of it like cellophane (minus the primary school brights) for your hair.

We recommend an in between glacage treatment to keep blonde balayage looking creamy and chic. Glacage can also be used for extreme shine with lowlights or as a stand alone treatment whilst you have a cut. An ideal colour with no colour for anyone lucky enough to not have any grey coverage to consider – we would use a colour and a glacage treatment for the most outstanding results in this case.

Read the full article here glacage-balayage-hair-shine to try it for yourself make an appointment!

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