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Blow Your Own at our Dry Bar!

Posted on 31/08/2018

Barney Martin is super excited to share the BM ‘Dry Bar’ with our clients.

We’ve got the best (and most lively) hairdryers we could find, put our finest R+Co and Oribe styling products next to them and let you go nuts with them after your colour service.

The Dry Bar is located upstairs at our flagship Surry Hills salon

Your stylist can give you some great recommendations and tips in regards to home styling whilst you are having your colour service. Our stylists love getting their hands on new products and will happily recommend the best product and technique to use.

We understand that glamorous blow outs are awesome but sometimes a hot dinner date or the child minders might have to take priority! In this case a quick blast off can be perfect, you style your hair more than anyone and knows what suits you best!

Getting the perfect colour is paramount to the team and anyone who colours their hair knows this can be a bit of a process. When your hair colour results are outstanding you don’t always need the added element of styling to show how beautiful your hair looks.

Our BM Dry Bar is not to be confused with an¬†Alcohol-free¬†bar! ‘Tony’s Bar’ (named after Barney’s late father) is STILL going strong and will not be changing any time soon! Both salons offer our complimentary drinks service, barista made coffee from local supplier Salvadors, the finest tea selection from Tea Craft and our drink of the month. The team are trained in making a mean Bloody Mary and on Saturdays these go especially well with our ‘Breakfast at Barney’s’ offering of pastries.

Breakfast at Barney’s runs from 8-10am every Saturday in both salons. We can also offer our clients a ‘quiet chair’ we understand that your time is super precious and you may just need a little moment of time for you only. Please let your stylist know and we’ll make sure you aren’t interrupted! Have a nap, read a mag or meditate whilst you are in the salon. We want your experience to be exactly what you desire.