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Blow outs that last for days!

Posted on 29/07/2017

Wondered how you can increase the life of your blow out? Barney and the Elle crew caught up with the tips and tricks of the trade.

The right products are essential! We Love R+Co’s Chiffon mousse available here we are also advocates of silk pillowcases. Not only much kinder to skin (not to mention the Hollywood factor!) but silk is much kinder to hair. There is less friction than rubbing your head on cotton, this dramatically increases the longevity of the style.

Having your hair loosely pinned is another sure fire way to keep some movement. In days gone by strips of rags were twisted around the hair and then tied – the results, soft waves similar to the trends seen today. Maybe we should be bringing this old fashioned movement back! It would certainly save on electricity!

Try not to shower – unless you know you wont get your hair wet, try a bath – just make sure it’s not too steamy as this will also make the blow out drop.

Generally the thicker the hair is the better it holds a blow out and the finer the quicker it drops out. On the flip side it takes less time to blowdry fine hair! With the right products finer hair plumps up and will last the day – and night.

This is what those clever ladies at Elle spoke to Barney about how to make your blow out last longer…

“Have you ever skipped out of the hairdresser on a Wednesday evening with perfectly blowdryed hair, only to wake up with boring ol’ flat hair on Thursday?


Turns out, there are a few things you can do to ensure your blowout lasts more than one day. If you play your cards right, you could even push the boat out to four days and no wash.”

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