A/W 2015 Trend Prediction

Posted on 16/04/2015

With autumn winter upon us, it is time for a new hue for blondes. More
sophisticated, softer and much healthier looking than the summer blonde that we
are leaving behind.

Soft suede – wheat – sand – champagne

Micro weaves/ highlighting gives a natural, refined finish to the hair, with a soft
contrast that makes the hair look alive with believable colour dimension. Two lighter
+ one deeper shade.

Ombre has been with us for a decade now and has become a staple.
The new ombre is very much softened with more tonal harmony between the root
and end depths. Soft feature pieces are being traced around the facial hairlines to
lead into the soft ombre for a more sophisticated transition.

Ombre option – root shading over highlights – as seen recently on Cara Delevingne
this softens the fresh root appearance of brand new colour and gives a slightly more
lived in look.

Luxury milk chocolate tones taking blonde to brown – as seen on Fifty Shades of
Great star Dakota Johnson. Layers of tonal deep blonde and woody browns to
create natural shading and believable colour.
For deeper hair depths, there is an emergence of berry tones to create a crisp, clear
finesse to the hair, with polish and maximum shine.

Prune – damson – berry

The use of reverse balayage during F/W ’15 – using Colour ID with tint colours to
blend the deeper pieces into the existing hair colour. This achieves very soft
blended colours that lie side by side and react naturally together, as well as allowing
a more abstract formation of light and depth.

– Styling trend – hairline accents as seen at Givenchy, Prada
– Gringe – grown out fringe, having its moment right now
– Sienna Miller choppy bob, still trending
– Monster fringe still trending
– Instamatics – softer, muted pastel washes, making the trend more accessible.

Partial toning, soft feature pieces. This is a fun trend, not to be taken too seriously,
more like a fashion accessory that you wear for a short time. Commercially these
could include pink champagne and frosted pearl.

Final note. You can only retain great hair colour when you have great hair health! A
glossing service, followed by an at home regimen of weekly maintenance, treating
and nourishing, will keep hair flexible and illuminated.